Waves, colours and nature in Pilar Marsà’s sculptures 28/01/2014

Pilar Marsà presents new jewels. Her jewels are made of wood, precious and semiprecious stones and metals, coming all of them from the natural environment. The combination of shapes, materials, colours and the contrasts in her new jewels make them unique in beauty.

This magnificent and elegant piece of modern design, by example, is made with ebony, silver and lapis lazuli and you can wear it as a brooch or a pendant. This is a unique jewel that has been exposed by the Catalan author in the international exhibition “Iberojoya’13”and it has been selected amongst the jewels for the award Art and Jewel. Pilar Marsà combines the density and sobriety of the black dense ebony’s wood with the brightness and blue colour of lapis lazuli. She creates smooth suggestive forms that contrast with deep colours. In this small sculpture, lapis lazuli is delimited, as a cross section of ebony’s tree, by the perfect and  delicate silver’s curve. In this way ebony, the unique wood that sinks in water is separated from the blue sea by this silver line that harmonizes the ebony’s density and also evokes movement.

Information can be found in:

Contraste 164/ October 2013 and Contraste 165/November 2013, year XIV.

Diario de estilo, Elle (Spanish edition), 22th April 2013.

Diario de estilo, Elle (Spanish edition), 25th November 2013.