From addition to extraction. From ceramic to sculpture and, taking it one step further, to jewellery. From grandeur to the delicacy of small things. Pilar Marsà embarked on a voyage which first began by adding material to her ideas, making pieces and moulds that allowed her to discover that she preferred extracting and getting rid of all that is in excess until the shape from the inner materials emerges; from wood, the material she likes working with the most. Wood, connecting us with nature, alive, latent, always ready to be part of the life cycle.

After her sculpture work “Llavor” (Seed in Catalan) in 1997, she started to sculpt small pieces, as she likes calling them. Authentic sculptures that she links up and turns into modern designer jewels, with an undeniable connection to the ones worn by the first human beings. Tribal, made of wood and metals taken directly from nature.

With “Lític Orgànic”, Pilar Marsà refined this idea, linking it directly to nature, with the overwhelming simplicity of pure, accidental forms, shaped by air, water, earth and sun. With the objects we could find walking in the forest or on a beach that we place in our pockets unaware, as if some sort of an amulet or a treasure stolen from nature. A talisman we touch as we continue walking, noticing with our hands the feelings this produces.

Wood, organic, warm, alive is turned into elements in Marsà’s hands: its shape reminds us of stones, inorganic and resistant. Antithetical. Real yet, at the same time, living only in our collective imagination.

Lític Orgànic is a recreation of this idea about life held in our hands, an idea of being connected to nature which we do not want to lose and we therefore keep some of it in our pockets, in the deepest of ourselves. So then we can touch it, smell it, admire it and feel well.

Through these object-jewels, Pilar Marsà is offering us something more than just a beautiful element to look at and observe. She creates a very close and intimate bond between the person and the object, like looping the loop, like nature’s cycle. As the rings in a tree trunk or the roundness of a stone.

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International fairs

- Inhorgenta Munich, 22-25 February 2013

- ESPAIJOIA - Jewellery Mediterranean Meeting, 12-15 October 2012. Drassanes Reials de Barcelona

Individual exhibitions

- 1998 Hotel Montaro. Baqueira-Beret (Val d'Aran-Lleida)

- 1997 Col·legi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona. Barcelona

Collective exhibitions

- 2005 Centre d'Artesania de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Barcelona

- 2002 Sala Busquets. Escola Massana. Barcelona

- 2000 Galeria Quatre Disset. Madrid

- 1999 Galeria Ribas. Sant Cugat del Vallès.

Formal Education

- 1992-95 Sculpture studies at Escola Massana. Barcelona

- 1986 Vocational Training degree in Applied Arts and Crafts. Specializing in ceramics

- 1980-85 Ceramics studies at Escola Massana. Barcelona